It’s a beautiful Monday morning, the sun is shining, coffee in my hand with Andrea Bocelli whispering Con Te Partiro in my ear, thinking how beautiful is this?

So that was my comment to a fellow blogger earlier this morning and I got to thinking “hmm not bad”, maybe the beginning of a different type post for my blog?! and here you have it! LoL!

I’m in the kitchen now, one of my favorite places to be, concocting something to eat, one of my favorite things to do! (just noticed this blog does not have spell check, good thing I’m such an excellent speller! Now I’m scanning for typos – one of my least favorite things, haha!) I’m rambling! I do that…a lot!

A month ago I lost my job, well I didn’t lose it, it’s still right where it’s always been, I just don’t work there anymore, after more than a quarter century I was fired, let go, kicked to the curb, hasta la vista, sayonara, auf wiedersehen, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!…see ya!! (lol yes I still have my wonderful and sarcastic sense of humor! That’s one of the few things they did not rob me of.) It was discriminatory in nature and I’ve been going through quite the colorful array of emotions that I have not experienced thus far…Ugh! So out of that tragedy this blog was born!

Rambling again!

Didn’t this start off as “a beautiful day”?! Wasn’t Snow White singing and dancing around my backyard to the soothing vocals of Mr. Bocelli, in the sun, with my squirrel and bird friends scampering about?!! Yes!!! Thank God!! This is still going on and I am still in the kitchen whipping up something good for my stomach and my soul! A friend once said that cooking was therapy for her, and I’ve adopted that motto as it truly is!

Sorry Dr. Phil!

In case anyone of my multitude of followers (I have two lol) were wondering, this is what I made! An Egg omelette with Chorizo and Spinach over baked Zucchini noodles. Yum! By the way, when describing an Omelette do you include the word Egg, or is that a given?! 😜