“Toastless” Avocado-Toast Bites

Looking for a tasty bite without the extra carbs? (+Gluten Free?!) Well.Here.You.Go!!!

My “toastless” Avocado Toast Bites

My recipe:

Just grab an avocado, cut in half long ways, remove pit and peel!
(if you don’t own an avocado peeler – get one! – great tool)

Cut both halves, short ways, into 1/4 inch thick slices, so they look like little half moons.

Top with Banana peppers, sprinkle with a little cheese,
a light dash of smoked paprika, and a little salt & pepper to taste.

Now just pop these little bite size yummies in your mouth for a healthy and delicious treat!

I use:

Mild Banana Pepper Rings:        (Mt. Olive brand)
4 Cheese Mexican Blend:          (Stop and Shop brand)

Yummm! Bon Appetite! 🙂

(Just a little personal note) –

I save the avocado pits, me and my dad root them in water and they grow into plants!  Also I cut the discarded peels into quarters and give them to my squirrel friends, they love to eat the remaining avocado from inside the peels!

(see pics below and click on each pic for details!)